My Love From Another Star

AKA, “An Alien Helped me unravel my brother’s true face”. Or, “Alien Solves Crime”, or even, “I Fell In Love With An Alien”, which makes perfect sense of the original title.

This was my very first K-drama that I watched with my friend, Salka and I’ll forever be indebted to her for introducing me to this show and this world, in general.

My Love From Another Star is a rom-com, sci-fi story that revolves around an alien and a an actress. But it’s also much more than that. It’s about humanity and how “accepting” we are of people who are not “normal”. It throws a heavy light on the entertainment industry in Korea. (I may have become a little rusty, writing down a review but I’ll try my best to write well. Fighting!)

I watched this show a second time earlier this month with Akka and I had totally forgotten how amazing it is. It is heavy but also has light-hearted moments. Sci-fi merged with romance and a love quadrangle (?) that our main characters couldn’t care to be a part of. Come to think of it, it all starts with a crime so I think we can label this as part crime-fiction too. Its story is really complicated and honestly, you can’t make much sense if you don’t watch it with rapt attention.


Our female MC is Cheon Song-Yi who is a famous actress in South Korea. She’s a die-hard romantic and has never found love, in family or friends or colleagues. She was rivals with another actress, who, on a cruise ship wedding, dies. All suspicions are towards her and she loses all her projects within a day. She’s proud and she won’t admit defeat. I love her. She was initially portrayed as a dumb bimbo but later, it’s been shown that she’s smart in other areas. She’s smart at getting work, taking no shit from other people (her mother, for instance) and working hard, even if they are small roles and have had to work with her childhood-best-friend-turned-rival as a supporting actress. It’s amazing how she falls in love with Do Min Joon. He is her neighbour, professor, manager, bodyguard and then her alien boyfriend who struggles hard to come back to earth. More on the later. He annoys her to the peak and vice-versa. But this turns into a loving, bantery relationship that we all die for.

Do Min Joon is amazing. He’s an alien from a star and he cam on earth for some project or something, 400 years ago. He missed his ride back while helping a girl (who was a 15 year old widow) so he was stuck on earth for the last 400 years, witnessing change like nobody’s business and staying to himself. In the 400 years of his existence, he’s learned a thing or two. He learned the hard way that by showing your true nature to the humans of earth (in his case, super powers like stopping time, or lifting incredible weights, or teleportation) while helping them out of danger, he was considered a monster. After that first instance, he only helped a man just recently, about 30-40 years ago, who easily became his closest and most trusted friend. He was initially super annoyed by Song-Yi but then, he falls in love. And it so happens that he falls in love in the last 3 months of his time left on Earth. That’s what makes this show so beautiful.

My favourite of the whole lot is Hee Kyung. He is such an adorable guy. I just love him so much. He’s the only character that does not get happiness in the end. He loses his childhood friend and life-long love Song-Yi to an alien, finds out that his brother is a criminal and a psychopath and remains as the last child standing in his family. But he was so strong through all this that my heart just reaches out to him. You can’t hate him. You just can’t. He’s a gem of a person and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t fall in love with him in the last few episodes.

There’s also Prosecutor Yoo, brother of Song-Yi’s childhood best-friend-turned-rival Yoo Se Mi, who’s just amazing. He handled Song-Yi’s case and Do Min Joon helps him out greatly. That man’s face is perfection.

Honestly, this drama is so good, just watch it. It will keep you on the edge of your seat and when everything falls into place, you’ll know how perfect this drama is.


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