Descendants of the Sun

AKA “Cute soldier meets equally cute doctor”, or “This has nothing to do with the Sun”, or “Soldier solves most troubles except his love life”. Okay, again, I say this out of pure love love.

Amazing soundtrack (which I’m actually listening to as I’m typing this), such amazing cast, such brilliant characters, such marvellous slice-of-life of a soldier story line, such chemistry between all the characters (especially the non-romantic characters), such great insights on the world, and quite an eye-opener.

There’s not a lot I can say without spoiling the story. I had heard of this drama from a lot of people and this was on every recommended list I’d seen on any given website. When i asked Akka if she wanted to watch this one, she said, “It looks kinda sad. I want to watch something funny.” So we watched Oh My Venus on the weekends, while I watched this one during the weekdays. And it is 70% opposite to sad. True, there are some sad moments, but they are really sad. Many of the moments are more thrilling and nail-biting than just sad. Many moments are cute and hilarious, which is totally not expected in a drama like this. There are serious moments and some moments where you want to whack all the characters upside the head (like, really? *rolling eyes*). This drama was the perfect mixture of all emotions and feelings, and none of them overpowered the other. It was balanced (even though it leaned slightly towards romance; that’s forgiven) and even though one may not actually completely love this drama like I did, I’m sure there are a lot of times where you will like it. It will at least make you smile, if not cry (especially if you have a stone-cold heart like mine).


Our first main couple is Yoo Si-Jin and Kang Mo-Yeon. Yoo Si Jin is a soldier in the army. Kang Mo-Yeon is a doctor. They have totally opposing characters. While Si-Jin is fun and happy and charming when he wants to be, Mo-Yoen is very pretty and assertive and does things her way. After their chance meeting in her hospital, she is totally charmed by him. I mean, seriously, you would be too. He is just so cute and adorable. After that meeting, they go on a date, which is cut short because of him being called for an emergency. A few days later, Mo-Yeon’s hospital sends along a team of doctors to Urk, for a volunteering. And the head of the Korean army team assisting them? It’s none other than Yoo Si-Jin! (And the best thing is the actors here got married recently in real life!)

Yoo Si-Jin close friend is Seo Dae-Young. He looks like a proper soldier, with a stoic expression, dry and dead-pan humour and his undying love for this army surgeon Yoon Myeong-Ju. Most of this drama, when not involved in a mission, has Dae-Young trying to express his love for her. It’s cute and those two are hot together.

We have another love-hate relationship among a doctor and a nurse, who were on the team that went to Urk. While they were having a stable, uneventful time in Urk, just before they were about to leave, a huge earthquake caused the solar panel manufacturing factory to collapse. The army and the team of doctors had to work hard for days and this is where a majority of the story happens. People change while they are trying to save lives. Some of the best scenes are from these rescue mission episodes. There were very few characters that I disliked. The Chairman of the hospital; the factory’s chief (who caused most of the freaking problems). I LOVED Daniel Spencer, who was a Peacemaker Army Doctor. He was just fabulous because he fixed people and machines. How cool is that? In the end, he was getting married to his partner, Ye-Hwa, who is actually Russian and another bad-ass who knows acupuncture and is a really good nurse. They were getting married in Vancouver and the whole team of doctors and some of the soldiers were invited. That’s when a volcano occurs, and they all sigh and get to work: Myeong-Joon wipes her lipstick off dramatically; the men begin taking off their ties; Mo-Yeon sighs as she looks at her high-heeled shoes and she has to break off the heels (destroying them, actually), once again. It was funny, even in the drastic situation.

You know how you love something so much that you can’t express it? It’s happened a lot of times for me and this is the extent that I can go to. If I say anymore, all that would come out would be gibberish. This was a solid 9.5/10 for me. Watch it!



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