Semester 1: Done and dusted

My first semester was done 4 days ago and since then I’ve been contemplating writing a small overview of how my entire semester was because why not? I took an unintended month-long hiatus and now I’m itching to come back, my head bursting with things to write but lacking the heavy motivation I require to finish a single post. So this might just be the post that will bring me back, and with iKON and BTS playing in my ears, how could I not?

I did not expect to do well in my first semester because, well, it’s the first semester, right? I’m in a new city, studying things that I’ve never studied before with people I’ve never met before, living so far away from my family and friends and with people I just met and constantly sweating and trying to figure out a regime and routine and adjusting to the food and managing finances and all that comes in between being a dependent adult. I’m proud of the fact that I managed to survive and actually enjoy living away from home.

I did unexpected things. I liked unexpected people and realized unexpected things. I embraced my alone time and found a balance between my alone time and non-alone time because too much of either one is sure to push me down a spiral that I know I will not be able to get back up. My mood swings were worse than ever and there were times that I worked out and actually saw the difference in how my body responded to the internal stimuli. But then things suddenly got so hectic that I woke up early and slept late just so I could send in my assignments on time and be able to study well enough, at least to pass.

June and July were pretty chill. It was my first time ever at a pub for my fresher’s party which I actually enjoyed. And then a house party that I enjoyed even more. I exercised a bit and was in shape, but only briefly. And then I read some and painted a lot and my bullet journal looked really pretty!

Then came August and September. From the second half of August, after I came back from visiting home, things were hectic. There were assignments that were handed out and things to do and suddenly, I had lesser time than usual. I barely read and painted but somehow, I managed to pretty up my bullet journal because if I didn’t at least do that, I’d don’t think i would’ve managed to survive the chaos that was the end of September. I had a few breakdowns in September, but I mostly think that was because of my raging hormones that I had no time to control. But I did have them.

Then there was October. We had field work the first two weeks of the month and I thought I’ll have time to do stuff but absolutely not. If the field work itself did not drain us, the trains made sure they did. It was the first time that I frequented the locals so often. I though I’d gotten sort of got used to the crowd, but I don’t think you ever do. If one does get used to it, it means they have traveled so much that they know this is the inevitable. I was under the impression that I would eventually get used to it but I had severely underestimated how bad the crowd was and could get. It has scarred me.

But on the bright side, October was brilliant for a lot of other things. Restaurant hopping was my favourite part and I’m contemplating a new feature where I talk about all the restaurants that I’ve been to. It’s still under thought and the work hasn’t started yet, but I really want to do it. It’s just something that I can really connect to .

Now that I’ve had a huge bite of how a semester at TISS is, I know it’s best not to expect anything. Just going with the flow is the best bit and to do that one has to be in their top form. I’ve promised to myself that I will play badminton (which has become my preferred way of exercise) every morning and get in some more reading time. Diet is not a concern because I eat from the dining hall and food there usually healthy. I have to watch out on my vegetarian eating days more strictly from now on because I don’t think I’ve observed any of them all through October. Not that I’m complaining, though. I also plan to be more productive and reduce my procrastination, but that’s always on my agenda. I end up never achieving it but this time I don’t want to do that. I want to move my lazy bum faster and do work on time. Blogging will also take some more preference because I feel so empty not blogging for nearly a month.

This has been my first semester back in college and I’m waiting for the second so that I can study a lot more things that I know that I will enjoy. I had also intended this post to be different but it took on a completely different tangent. Oh, well.


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