Reply 1988

Song of the post: A little girl by Oh Hyuk (from the drama OST)

I recently finished this drama after so long and it was every bit as amazing as I was told and more. I cannot gush enough about how much I love this drama. It is easily one of my favourite dramas ever made. It beats a lot of the others that I’ve watched by a large mile. I’m going to tell you why.

Our main character is Sung Doek-Sun and while she is narrating this story, it isn’t entirely hers. There are 4 families, 16 characters and 16 different stories, not including the family ones, inter-family stories, stories involving friends and other people out of the main 16. In just 20 episodes, you will have gone on an epic journey of life, experiencing all the ups and downs of the characters. It will remind you of yourself, of your life, of your family and friends and maybe, you’ll just end up appreciating them more.

I have cried, I have laughed, I have cried laughing and I have laughed crying. I have sobbed a lot of times (yes, shocking to me too) and immediately after, my heart would have warmed so much that I would start crying again. Sure, it’s set in 1988, but Doek-Sun is 19 and so are her friends and I was 19 once, too. Problems are relatable and you feel it in your bones. So many times, I wanted to reach out past the screen and help the characters out just so I could see them smile. The characters are so real and they can make you feel like you’ve been their friends for the longest time. Saying good-bye to them was as hard as saying good-bye to my friends. It was inevitable but that didn’t mean you won’t feel sad.

There was a lot of food involved in this drama. So much home-made food. In every episode, there is a minimum of 2 scenes where food is involved. I’ve never eaten any of those food but it made me hungry and I craved for it all the time. The video games that they played made me feel very nostalgic as they were the ones I used to play as a child. Their family struggles made my heart very heavy at times. When they grow up, they become the kind of adults that you would expect them to be and you feel so proud, as if your own child has grown into this wonderful human being. In a way, we did see them grow up and push past all the unpleasant things life has thrown at them. The way they all stand-up for each other, the way they are all each other’s shoulders to cry on, the way they all celebrate every small happiness together, makes you feel right at home.

Some of the character developments are amazing. Doek-Sun’s elder sister Bo-Ra has to be my favourite of the lot. In the beginning we see a very rude, brash, selfish girl but with time, we actually understand her. I don’t really know how to empathize with her but I understand. I understand her and her character and by the end of it, I really appreciated her for such brilliant development. Another character I loved was Ms. Cheetah. Although her character development isn’t as phenomenal, I simply love her and her take-no-shit attitude. I want to be that kind of a woman when I grow up.

I don’t know how much of what I said makes sense but I really, really, really loved this drama and I cannot recommend it enough.

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