Bucket List

  •  Be a one hit wonder (with a book, obviously, as I can’t sing)
  •  See the Aurorae, both Borealis and Australis
  • Make my sister Really, really, really happy
  • Stay in Cape Town for a while
  • Visit New York, Greece, Italy, Paris, London
  • Break a really big rule and be a rebel about it
  • Buy big, Funky and shiny glasses
  • Do the #31Days31HorrorMovies
  • Do the same for Christmas
  • Solve a crime
  • Get all the John Green books in Hardcover
  • Visit all the great and awesome book stores and libraries
  • Help my sister’s brain child come true
  • Organize a successful event
  • Write a good review for a bad movie and book and a good movie and book
  • Ride a horse
  • Design bookshelves for myself
  • Do at least 3 daring acts, something to conquer my fears: 1. Ride an escalator all by myself.
  • Wear a dress and go out with friends
  • Get drunk 😉😁
  • Learn to drive and get a license
  • Shop all I want, without a care ( books and clothes)
  •  Go to a Backstreet Boys concert and after party and take a selfie 😁
  • watch all Disney Movies
  •  Watch all Harry Potter movies in a single day with Akka
  •  Watch Anime movies
  •  Read all English and Kannada classics
  •  Be in the quietest room for as long as possible
  •  Also, watch classic movies
  •  Go on a dangerous hike or something like that
  •  Color my hair in a shocking blue or red or Rainbow
  •  buy a brand new set of Harry Potter boxed set
  •  Run a marathon
  •  learn to shoot
  • Walk through Cherry Blossoms
  • Buy and use a typewriter
  • Own all of Neil Gaiman’s books, illustrated and non-illustrated
  • Buy the new Mortal Instruments and Infernal devices boxed sets (also the others when they come out)
  • Shop second-hand clothes in Oxfam. Vintage ones ❤
  • Learn Japanese.

7 thoughts on “Bucket List

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