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Hercules- The Disney version

I laughed out loud watching this movie, so many times that my throat and cheeks hurt. Like, this story, not even remotely accurate to the original, is meant for kids in a totally non-educational way. The only reason I know the actual story so well was because of Percy Jackson. More on that later.

The story of Hercules, the Disney version, no matter how inaccurate, it is totally, absolutely entertaining. I had watched the beginning of it some time ago, and couldn’t continue watching it, which is why I knew it was good. It is easily one of my favourite Disney movies ever.

The thing that I loved about this movie is how, even though the Greek stories are all so violent and not suitable for children at all, they’ve twisted it around to something little sinister and dark, but at the same time, if you don’t analyze it too deeply, it looks perfectly all right on the creamy top. They’ve made a story out of a story, and only Disney can do that.

The Muses were amazing. Apollo from the Trials of Apollo keeps commenting on how there are the Nine Muses and how he can’t choose among them, and in this, I guess Disney ran out of Latina women types to draw. Which is why there are only Five Muses in this movie. But they were pretty awesome.

And then there’s Megara. First off, Megara doesn’t seem like a Greek name at all. And to top it off, she says, “My friends call me Meg; that is if I had any friends.” She was also pretty amazing. Her extra-clinched waist extra-swayed at times and every time they showed Hercules’ reaction, I would have spit out water if I was drinking it during those scenes.

And the gods. Zeus was okay, but he was extra chirpy and happy and all, “My son!” types. Which is not how I imagine Zeus to be like. And all the gods get captured, including Zeus, by Titans, no less, and Hercules single-handedly saving them all, was a bit too much for Hercules. I mean, if the gods together couldn’t fight off the Titans themselves, then there is no hope for Hercules.

I understand the reasons they made the gods like they were, very colour-oriented, like pink for Hera and Aphrodite, blue for Hermes and Poseidon, grey for Athena, purple for Dionysus, but the titans were terrible. They could’ve made humanoid creatures, but noooo, they had to have been made out of a natural disaster. That annoyed me.

But I loved the Fates, they were as perfectly described by Percy and so was Hades. The Underworld and Cerebrus were also on point. The souls drifting in and out were creepy, and that did not qualify as a cute little children’s scene. The way Pegasus was born in this movie was so cute and innocent and that I almost prefer this version to the original version of the creation of pegasus. That story is ghastly.

Overall, this was one entertaining film, and I enjoyed to the fullest, even with its faults and cracks where the original Greek stories were concerned. That happens very rarely.

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Why I am looking forward to Mondays

Yes. For the last few weeks, I have been looking forward to Mondays. It is mostly because of the weekly Podcast Jules and James.

Jules and James starts out (and still is) a conversation over the phone, once a week, for half an hour. It all began when Jules, a film director from London, calls James, an American painter in Paris, by mistake. They strike up a conversation that becomes a weekly thing for them, and eventually, for us.

I discovered this podcast after a few weeks it had already started. So, I had a small pile to listen to. After I was caught up with all the episodes, I waited for the 10th one. And then as soon as I found it on the website, bam! I listened to it.

This was a mistake that I did not repeat for another two weeks. If I listened to it at that very moment, I would have to wait for a long time for it come again next week! So for a bit, I sort of prevented myself from looking at the website in general. And it worked, and my curiosity was only at the peak when I did decide to listen to it.

But… when the 14th episode was released, I couldn’t hold my self back. I listened to it as soon as I saw it that Monday morning, and I regretted it. There was a shift in the mood of the podcast, and I freaking loved it. But, I waited a whole week for the next episode. And I have to wait a bit more.

One of the main things I love about this podcast is James’ laugh. That man’s laugh just reverberates throughout my body and it is amazing. There’s a phrase that we use in Kannada, “kanchina kanTa” literally meaning the voice of copper. It doesn’t make much sense but James’ voice is like that. You just want to listen to is all day and all night and you’d never get bored.

Another thing I loved was Jules’ accent. She has a typical British accent and I can’t help imagine Keira Knightly voicing this character. It just fits.

And this also happens to be very convenient for me when I have work to do that doesn’t require much thinking, like some art work. I can keep painting and laughing alongside their jokes and no one’s hurt.

This is my very first podcast, and so easy to listen to! If you have any recommendation like that, do let me know!

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Boys Over Flowers

AKA “Boys with Handkerchiefs“. Or even “Boys with Extra Jackets to Lend to Cold Girls“. And maybe even “Boys with Too Much Money, All The Time”.

But seriously.

This is my second ever K-drama, and I like it so much. I’ve had loads of fun watching this. From feeling anger to sadness to happiness to swooning to sheer frustration, this drama has showed me and made me feel everything.

My first K-drama was “My Man From The Stars”, and there was not much in it. The story was really fun because the plot had some amaze times and funny times and shocking times, but there were fewer characters to love and NO LOVE triangles (thankfully) and hence, less angst. No going which team should the girl belong to? Which team should I root for?! But this drama has it. Most of us were conflicted, according to the comments on the website I was watching on, but slowly, people started becoming clearer about whom they want to root for.

The story is very simple. Jan Di is a middle class girl, whose family owns a dry cleaning business. One day, she goes to deliver a coat or something to a student in Shinhwa High School. Shinhwa group is the richest group of business in the whole country. And the school is meant only for those “elite Kids”, including the son and heir of the Shinhwa group, Gu Jun Pyo. Him and his gang of friends are called the F4, and are very influential. Jan Di saves this boy’s life when he was going to commit suicide in the school and then due to the media pressure and all, the chairwoman gives her a scholarship to study in Shinhwa high school. She confronts the F4 and she gets teased mercilessly by her classmates, who don’t think of her as equal, because she isn’t all that rich or pretty. Which is pathetic. She becomes a target for the F4, when she stood up against them for her “friend”. But she ends up changing their lives and hers forever and very unimaginably so.

Spoiler Alert:

Jan Di’s first love was Gu Jun Pyo’s best friend Ji Hu. I also love him so much. Ji Hu is quiet and he’s almost always there when she needs him. He’s the perfect person anyone could ever ask for and that dumb Jan Di went and fell in love with Jun Pyo. And surprisingly, Jun Pyo’s the first one to announce to the world that his girlfriend is Jan Di. He didn’t even ask her! He’s that kind of a pompous asshole. But at times, I really love what Jun Pyo and Jan Di have. Their banter is really cute! That’s what is amiss between Jan Di and Ji Hu. Which is why their relationship didn’t work out.

While Ji Hu is the sweet underdog, there’s another sweet asshole, by name Yijeong. His smile melts hearts and and he’s learned to charm the pants off of girls. Nonetheless, Ga Eul, Jan Di’s best friend, melts his heart and in the end, they get together. Him being an accomplished potter also adds to his charisma and the things he can do with his hands. His hands, goodness.

Then we have Wu Bin, who is hinted at having connections in the mafia, and as cute and sweet as he can look, he also has a very aggressive streak. I kind of like that about him.

Jan Di herself is amazing. Life hates her and makes things absolutely crazy for her. But she works through it all, sometimes on her own, sometimes with the help of her F4 friends (minus Jun Pyo at times) and with an unwavering smile. That’s why she captured the hearts of the four brilliant young men. In the last episode, during her graduation day, all the boys excluding Jun Pyo, take turn dancing with her. It was the cutest thing to watch.

There was too much drama in the middle of the whole bit which made it a little boring, but then again, how else will Jan Di and Jun Pyo conquer their love for each other?

Have you watched it? Let me know what you think! Also leave me recommendations of K-drama! Or Japanese drama. Anything really, with less than 30 episodes.

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Discovering Bengaluru

When we were given the task of reading the Bangalore Wikipedia page and making a note of all the things that I didn’t know about Bangalore, I laughed, thinking that there wouldn’t be much that I won’t know about my city, but the Wiki page laughed at me while I was reading because so many things were new! Here is a list of all things that I found were profoundly shocking:

  1. Bangalore receives 800 Million litres of water, A DAY
  2. It ranks fourth in terms of GDP in the country. Now I know what those IT people sitting in A/C offices and riding in A/C cars do all day long, besides adding to the pollution.
  3. The number of Vehicles being registered in RTOs daily is 1250.
  4. Bengaluru is India’s most vegan friendly city by PeTA.
  5. There is an organisation called BEES- Battelle Environmental Evaluation System, for which, if still active, I would like to work.

I tried reading the History section, but it just went all over my head. History is better when you hear it from else, making jokes and adding personal experiences to it, rather than just reading it off somewhere.

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Have I become too…old?

I am quite underway in my Big Disney Project. But recently, I haven’t had much luck watching them because, well, I never get past first 10 minutes. That has happened with “Strange magic,” “Return to Neverland” and yesterday, “The Return of Jafar“. And perhaps more, but I haven’t kept count.

For the past few days, I have been reading like a mad woman. I’ve finished three books, and then I’m slowing it down because it made me dizzy. So I went about doing other things: postcards and listening to audiobooks. Somehow, I enjoy them so much while I am making art or doing my stitch kit. I’ve also been listening to this fascinating podcast, called “Jules and James“. I love it so much that I wait for every Monday to arrive. More on that later. I promise.

My concern is how I’m unable to stop myself from ridiculing the animated movies. When I started watching “Strange Magic”, I nearly fell over laughing because the movie, of the 20 or 30 minutes that I could endure were 10% dialogues, 90% music. And they were not the good kind.

I began watching The Return of Jafar yesterday, because I had enjoyed Aladdin immensely, and also because the Korean drama that I was watching hadn’t been downloaded fully (so it didn’t play), and I got through all of 5 minutes, tops.

I’m trying to keep an open mind. I know the movies made before The Bug’s Life are ridiculed, but in all honesty, the ones made just before them, like, Mulan, were damn good.

There are other fantastic movies before Strange Magic. Lilo and Stitch, Finding Nemo, Atlantic, Tinker Bell were all movies that I enjoyed. I’d watch them again and I have watched them more than once.

So, I think I am becoming too old for them. I couldn’t even enjoy Turbo without cringing at the thought of the impracticality of the whole thing. This is bad. So bad. I need to watch movies that will awaken the inner child in me. Someone please tell me what I should do!

  1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  2. Pinocchio
  3. Fantasia
  4. Dumbo
  5. Bambi
  6. Saludos Amigos
  7. Victory Through Air Power
  8. The Three Caballeros
  9. Make Mine Music
  10. Song of the South
  11. Fun and Fancy Free
  12. Melody Time
  13. The Adventured of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
  14. Cinderella
  15. Alice in Wonderland
  16. Peter Pan
  17. Lady and the Tramp
  18. Sleeping Beauty
  19. One Hundred and One Dalmations
  20. The Sword in the Stone
  21. The Jungle Book
  22. The Aristocats
  23. Robin Hood
  24. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  25. The Rescuers
  26. The Fox and the Hound
  27. The Black Cauldron
  28. The Great Mouse Detective
  29. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
  30. Oliver and Company
  31. The Little Mermaid
  32. DuckTales the Movie
  33. The Rescuers Down Under
  34. Beauty and the Beast
  35. Aladdin
  36. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  37. The Lion King
  38. A Goofy Movie
  39. Pocahontas
  40. Toy Story
  41. James and the Giant Peach
  42. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  43. Hercules
  44. Mulan
  45. A Bug’s Life
  46. Doug’s 1st Movie
  47. Tarzan
  48. Toy Story 2
  49. Fantasia 2000
  50. The Tigger Movie
  51. Dinosaur
  52. The Emperor’s New Groove
  53. Recess: School’s Out
  54. Atlantis: The Lost Empire
  55. Monsters, Inc.
  56. Return to Neverland
  57. Lilo and Stitch
  58. Spirited Away
  59. Treasure Planet
  60. The Jungle Book 2
  61. Piglet’s Big Movie
  62. Finding Nemo
  63. Brother Bear
  64. Teacher’s Pet
  65. Home on the Range
  66. The Incredibles
  67. Pooh’s Heffalump Movie
  68. Howl’s moving Castle
  69. Valiant
  70. Chicken Little
  71. Bambi II
  72. The Wild
  73. Cars
  74. Meet the Robinsons
  75. Ratatouille
  76. WALL-E
  77. Tinker Bell
  78. Roadside Romeo
  79. Bolt
  80. Up
  81. Ponyo
  82. Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure
  83. A Christmas Carol
  84. The Princess and the Frog
  85. Toy Story 3
  86. Tales from Earthsea
  87. Tangled
  88. Gnomeo and Juliet
  89. Mars Needs Moms
  90. Cars 2
  91. Winnie the Pooh
  92. The Secret World of Arietty
  93. Arjun: the Warrior Prince
  94. Brave
  95. Secret of the Wings
  96. Frankenweenie
  97. Wreck-It Ralph
  98. Monsters University
  99. Planes
  100. Frozen
  101. The Pirate Fairy
  102. The Wind Rises
  103. Planes: Fire and Rescue
  104. Big Hero 6
  105. Strange Magic
  106. Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast
  107. Inside Out 
  108. The Good Dinosaur
  109. Zootopia
  110. Finding Dory
  111. Moana

41 out of 111! Another 70 to go!

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My 2-hour outing

Yesterday, I went for a small outing that involved the post office. I was supposed to speed post something to a friend, and my parents, who insisted on doing it, forgot. So, I went walking yesterday afternoon, with m big white headphones on, music playing, and walked the one-point-something kilometer to the closest post office.

Halfway to the post office, I felt someone say, “Hey!” Startled, I turned around to see this guy I know, who owns a juice shop, right opposite to where we were standing. His shop opened up a little while after we moved to the area, and because our salon was right opposite to it, Akka and I almost always went there. And when I go walking, long roads away from home, I end up taking a break at the place, drinking some sort of chocolate milkshake.

I hadn’t seen him for a long time. When I told him that, he said a new branch of his shop opened at Banneghatta road. When he asked me why I haven’t come around, I fumbled with my words, saying some shit about how I had exams and stuff.

Well, I couldn’t exactly tell him that I had no clue what I was going to do with life, that I just spent time reading and contemplating and day-dreaming impossible dreams (they were impossible because I was day-dreaming them) and thinking how much time I had on my hands and how I was just doing practically nothing. Better to fumble on lies to a near-stranger.

His shop came by and we parted ways, with me promising to stop by his shop for a drink. I trudged further, until I saw a mobile library.


I have seen them around in random places before. They are fascinating. They look like old, normal buses from the outside, but on the inside, they have shelves lining the two long walls. Filled with books. And it was such a cute little place. One wall was full on Kannada books, all thin and worn out. The other wall had shelves with English, Hindi and Tamil and Telugu books. The books themselves weren’t fascinating, but the idea of it, the idea to deliver a library to areas was fascinating.

It might sound weird, but I’d never had a library subscription in my life. Wherever I lived, I never lived close to a library, and my family bought me books that I wanted now and then, so I didn’t think I wanted to. And so, I didn’t make myself a member for this library. I would’ve liked to, but the thought of giving up books that I loved is too much to bear.

I went to the JP Nagar post office, saw that it was crowded, saw no one working at the speed post centre/stamp counter, I just turned on my heel and left. I hated that post office. The people were arrogant and horrible. I hailed an auto to go to the post office in Jayanagar. I could’ve taken a bus; would’ve saved my 30 rupees, but oh well. I hadn’t walked so far in a long time, so I treated myself. I took a bus back, though. Then I walked back the one-point-two kilometer home.

I had to stop by an ATM for cash, so I decided to stop at the one near my own bank. There’s a cross road just before it, and I paused to take off my head phones and pause my music. When I looked up, a school van whizzed by, and the boy sitting in front curiously looked at me. I smiled at him; he smiled back. I waved; he waved so happily that my heart hurt. The boy had some sort of a mental disability, but I was so happy to see him happy.

This was probably the highlight of my week.

And I went back to his shop for a milkshake. He didn’t have plain chocolate; he never does, so I tried the black forest. It was cake. But it was okay. We chatted for sometime, about my head phones and how I’m always wearing it. He even tried it on himself. I took the parcel of Mango juice from him; it looked like it was about to rain. It always does these day. Ashaada jadi, is what we call it.  He said, “Run off home, okay?” And I just grinned and walked off.

Like I was going to run.


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Park Lane

I’ve never written about my favourite restaurant in Mysore. Park Lane.

If you’re visiting the city for the first time, and not used to Indian food, this place is the best choice. It has all kinds of food: Chinese, South Indian, North Indian, Continental, vegetarian and non vegetarian goods. Along with that, this place is famous for beer. Not that I’ve had any experience, but it is acclaimed. People from all over the world who come to Mysore prefer to lodge over in this hotel. I’ve seen a lot of Hippies and it feels like home for them.

For me, the best part about this place is its ambiance. It has low ceiling, giving it a cozy feel. on the first floor, the restaurant has a balcony-type place, where the place is open on one side and covered with hanging money plants.

We eat there all the time. A Mysore trip is never complete without eating here. There was this fish fry that I had, and it is amazing. It is a must try for all fish-lovers.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-12 at 22.27.26 (1)

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-12 at 22.27.21
This is where we usually prefer to sit. 
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Director, producer or actor?

The Show Must Go On

If you were involved in a movie, would you rather be the director, the producer, or the lead performer? (Note: you can’t be the writer!).

Imagining those three as my only options, I’d go with being a producer, because then I’d get to gamble on movies, or in other words, belief in a movie itself, and the people working behind it. It is risky, and I am not a gambler, and with any business experience, my simple, un-business mind might get the crew in trouble. But producer it is, because I lack the other qualifications. For being a producer, you just have to have a lot of money to invest in. You also have to hire an accountant and you get to decide how much each person working for the movie gets! That way, I’d reduce the amounts for the lead roles and distribute is fairly among the crew workers.

If I had to choose an option other than those three, I’d love to be in charge of food. I wouldn’t be able to cook, of course, but otherwise, I’d love to make sure that everyone gets healthy food, make sure not to waste the left overs, make sure the director or the crew members are eating well and on time. It would be a very motherly role, and I would fit well into it.

And, I’m back, attempting prompts. Hopefully, this will keep me afloat.

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My Neighbour Totoro revisited

Yesterday afternoon I watched My Neighbour Totoro again for the nth time in my life. I never get bored of it, but this time, it was different. My college’s Rushes Film Club was screening this movie and having a discussion later. And I was so excited to go because then I’d meet all my juniors and their juniors and meet so many more people. It was a really great day and I was so glad to be a part of it.

In the AV room of the auditorium, small but musty and familiar, we sat on hard plastic chairs in the second row. ADP was sitting behind me, his friend and president of the club one chair next to me, another friend in front of him, and I was saving a seat for Vaishnavi, who wasn’t able to make it to the front row.

All through the movie, there were short moments of pure joy where most of us expressed it in silent smiles or a small chuckle. There were tears in my eyes, like they usually are when I watch this movie, because they aren’t just tears of sadness, they are also tears of happiness and relief because whatever Mei and Satsuki undergo as children is something that no child should undergo. They should jut be themselves at all times and find Totoro even on their most happiest days.

The discussion was around a large circle that we made out of those hard, butt numbing plastic chairs. We first discussed upon Totoro being the god of Death, which was a theory which was found online. To say I was shocked is an understatement. I mean, Totoro was such an amazing and helpful creature, I wonder why it would take away lives.

Picture credits: (Above) Siddhath; (Featured image): Bala

Then, some fans on some forum correlated the Sayama incident to the story. The Sayama incident, which took place on May 1, 1963 or some such year in Sayama, Japan, was when a girl was kidnapped, raped and murdered. Later, her sister commits suicide. So, some think that Miyazaki made it personal and tried to keep the two innocent girls alive through this movie.

All theories said and done, this movie is close to heart because the characters, Mei and Satsuki were so very relatable to me and my sister. We have not undergone such situations, but sometimes, I have been one to cry and she’s been there for me all the freaking time. And I try so hard to reciprocate it.

There was this once scene where Satsuki has to keep Mei with her in classroom during class because Mei didn’t want to stay with their Obaa-chan. It was so cute. It reminded me of all the times that I had lunch with my sister in her class with hall her classmates. I was pampered by them so much.

I had forgotten why I loved this movie. Rushes made me remember it. It was a spectacular Saturday.

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First June

This is the first June that I’ve not spent groaning to get up early to get to classes on time. It is the first June where I’m not worried about the evening rain and walking back in that horrendous road to the bus stop. This is the first June where I’m sitting at home and enjoying myself, reading and helping out in my family.

And this period will probably end this week.

This was the first June where I’ve been so emotional. I was just reading things that made me feel overwhelmed and inconsolable and I just sobbed through the night. My new refuge? Colleen Hoover. Even though her books aren’t any happier or on the more positive side, I feel safe reading them, because I know they got a happy ending.

This is the first June that I have written so less. I’ve blogged so less and my poetry has almost come to halt. I should get back up to writing poetry before I completely lose hang of it. I miss it so much.

This is the first June where I run out to the balcony every time I hear rain and smell the fresh tar and petrichor.

This is the first June where I’ll be travelling in the Metro Train from my house! It opens tomorrow and I am so excited for it!

This is the first June where I’ve started painting on canvas. They’re not the greatest masterpieces, but I’ve loved every moment of them. I should get to ordering more canvas.

This is the first June where I’ve struggled to fit all my books in the shelves I can accommodate in my room. Such a sad reality.