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Begin Again

I always thought we should’ve watched this movie in 4th semester English class, when we studied “cities”.

I chanced upon this movie on my hard disk and I’ve been hooked on the music ever since. I’ve been wanting to write about it, but until yesterday, when this movie and Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix were playing side by side on different channels, I realized how much I am fond of this movie.

The story is pretty straightforward. A girl, Gretta and her boyfriend, David, fly to New York to become big artists. Gretta writes songs and David performs them, mostly. They’re a happy couple until the inevitable “cheating” of the rock star happens. Gretta moves in with her friend who works at a bar, and when she performs there, Dan, once upon a time a well known music producer, see her and he is suddenly inspired to make her a star. Gretta and Dan change each other’s lives in ways unimaginable.

There are several reasons why I like this movie as much as I do. For one, it is funny. Dan and Gretta’s relationship is purely platonic and it is so cute to watch them. They are funny and sarcastic and a great team. The story line is simple and takes all over the city, which is so beautiful. Their moving studio across the city of New York and their encounters with the police were fun! The duo recruiting musicians, Gretta being a good friend to Dan’s daughter Violet, all of it was just so good!

This is one of the best musicals that I’ve ever watched. It is fun, hilarious, heart-breaking with some great music.



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NOT Studio Ghibli- Anime movies (Part 6)

I have an exam in three days and usually in the afternoons, I don’t study. I watch something, or read or keep myself somehow busy. I started watching the much hyped Yuri!!! On Ice, and I have to say, it does live up to its hype. I have only 5 more episodes to watch and I can’t wait for June 6th to be over. I also need to write about Doukyuusei. 

Anyway, today afternoon, I watched Hotarubi no Mori E (Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light). Originally a one-shot shoujo manga, this short film reminded me of the time I watched The Garden of Words. It was just as short, sweet and beautiful.

Hotaru visits her uncle in the country side every year. The first time she went there was when she was six. She went into a forest and got lost. There, she meets Gin, a forest spirit, whom no human can touch. As Hotaru embarks on a deep friendship with Gin, every year, the one thing she looks forward to is Summer and meeting Gin.

I expected a few things to happen but definitely not in the way they did. I thought it was a wee bit too short, but I liked it anyway. It was different and yet somehow similar to Spirited Away. I was disappointed in the lack of transformation of Hotaru, and the story was so simple. I liked that simplicity a lot! Not many characters, not too many places, nothing too elaborate but peaceful.

I don’t know what could’ve been better, but I liked it.

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The Big Disney Project

So, one of the more “immediately-doable” things on my bucket list is to watch all Disney animated movies ever produced. There are 111, as of now, beginning from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Moana.

I’ve loved watching animated movies for as long as I can remember and I know that I am going to enjoy watching every single one of them. I only recently watched Lilo and Stitch and Mulan  (shocker, I know) and I watched Atlantis just last night. I loved all three of them and I realized there is so much I am missing. So, I shall watch them all, including Toy Story, which I’ve put off watching for a long time now, and Wall-E, which I haven’t been able to bear to watch it full.

Here is the full list of movies that are ever made under the banner of Walt Disney. Some of them are made by Studio Ghibli and Walt Disney had taken over their distribution across the globe.

  1.  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  2. Pinocchio
  3. Fantasia
  4. Dumbo
  5. Bambi
  6. Saludos Amigos
  7. Victory Through Air Power
  8. The Three Caballeros
  9. Make Mine Music
  10. Song of the South
  11. Fun and Fancy Free
  12. Melody Time
  13. The Adventured of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
  14. Cinderella
  15. Alice in Wonderland
  16. Peter Pan
  17. Lady and the Tramp
  18. Sleeping Beauty
  19. One Hundred and One Dalmations
  20. The Sword in the Stone
  21. The Jungle Book
  22. The Aristocats
  23. Robin Hood
  24. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  25. The Rescuers
  26. The Fox and the Hound
  27. The Black Cauldron
  28. The Great Mouse Detective
  29. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
  30. Oliver and Company
  31. The Little Mermaid
  32. DuckTales the Movie
  33. The Rescuers Down Under
  34. Beauty and the Beast
  35. Aladdin
  36. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  37. The Lion King
  38. A Goofy Movie
  39. Pocahontas
  40. Toy Story
  41. James and the Giant Peach
  42. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  43. Hercules
  44. Mulan
  45. A Bug’s Life
  46. Doug’s 1st Movie
  47. Tarzan
  48. Toy Story 2
  49. Fantasia 2000
  50. The Tigger Movie
  51. Dinosaur
  52. The Emperor’s New Groove
  53. Recess: School’s Out
  54. Atlantis: The Lost Empire
  55. Monsters, Inc.
  56. Return to Neverland
  57. Lilo and Stitch
  58. Spirited Away
  59. Treasure Planet
  60. The Jungle Book 2
  61. Piglet’s Big Movie
  62. Finding Nemo
  63. Brother Bear
  64. Teacher’s Pet
  65. Home on the Range
  66. The Incredibles
  67. Pooh’s Heffalump Movie
  68. Howl’s moving Castle
  69. Valiant
  70. Chicken Little
  71. Bambi II
  72. The Wild
  73. Cars
  74. Meet the Robinsons
  75. Ratatouille
  76. WALL-E
  77. Tinker Bell
  78. Roadside Romeo
  79. Bolt
  80. Up
  81. Ponyo
  82. Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure
  83. A Christmas Carol
  84. The Princess and the Frog
  85. Toy Story 3
  86. Tales from Earthsea
  87. Tangled
  88. Gnomeo and Juliet
  89. Mars Needs Moms
  90. Cars 2
  91. Winnie the Pooh
  92. The Secret World of Arietty
  93. Arjun: the Warrior Prince
  94. Brave
  95. Secret of the Wings
  96. Frankenweenie
  97. Wreck-It Ralph
  98. Monsters University
  99. Planes
  100. Frozen
  101. The Pirate Fairy
  102. The Wind Rises
  103. Planes: Fire and Rescue
  104. Big Hero 6
  105. Strange Magic
  106. Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast
  107. Inside Out 
  108. The Good Dinosaur
  109. Zootopia
  110. Finding Dory
  111. Moana

Of all of these, I’ve watched 31 movies. I plan to make that 111.

Should I watch them in a chronological order? Should I watch in an alphabetical order? Series wise?

I don’t know. I think I’ll watch whatever appeals to me first.

How many have you watched in this list?

After this, I plan to tackle the big 100s- top 100 all time best anime movies; top 100 all time best animated movies.

Wish me luck!


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Shower is this superb Chinese movie that is just so, so, so simply well put together that it’ll movie you to tears. And you’ll want to rush to the toilet to pee.

It starts off by a man bathing in an automatic shower stall. Then the whole movie revolves around a traditional Chinese showering stall. This showering/bathing place is owned by an old man and his mentally challenged son looking after it. The old man’s older son works in a city firm and lives with his wife. He comes running to rural Beijing (where his father and brother live) when his brother sends a postcard and thought that his father was dead and he ends up looking after the showering place for a while.

This has no fixed plot line. You can’t have a one-line story to it. This movie a riot of emotions: we laughed till tears streamed out of our eyes; we cried in the end and a few times in between; we went ‘awww’; we went mad. It was such an adorable movie that we couldn’t take our eyes off of it at all! It had family emotions, admiration for a talent, simple, exceptional, belly hurting humour.

Coming to the main focus of watching movies in class, the city has been portrayed in a very straight-forward way. When the whole area of their living was going to be demolished, it sounded very much like the scenario that we see in our country. Development replacing culture and tradition has been accepted by default.

The first scene of the automatic shower stall and the traditional bathing place shows a stark contrast in life. In the shower stall, you just go there, put some coins into the machine, bathe and come out and be on your way. But in the bathing place, it’s like a little community on its own. Most of them are old men, who’ve retired and come to spend some time with their friends. Sometimes, children are also seen. And here, we don’t see anyone paying the man. Not once throughout the movie.

It was a delightful watch.

There is nothing that I can do to this review to show all my love for this movie.

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Whatever Works

This is movie #1 that we watches in the Bangalore Special Course. The aim of watching these movies is to try and understand the concept of the city in a metaphorical sense.

Whatever Works is a Woody Allen movie set in New York. It is about a man named Boris, who’s into his late 70’s and talks about his life in New York and one day, BOOM! There’s a girl underneath his house stairs and his life changes drastically.

Boris is a physicist and has been divorced for quite some time now. He has high intellect and when Melodie, the 21-year-old-girl who’s really simple minded  lands up on Boris’s couch, he can’t take in her stupidity. After a while, he marries her. And then a whole lot of things happen and what I’m really interested in is the showcasing of the city in the movie.

NYC is kind of similar to Bangalore, in terms of richness of culture and the vast variety of people. It is a lot more cleaner than Bangalore but has lesser green coverage, from what I could see. It had world famous landmarks, like the Statue Of Liberty, which is one of the most distinguished characters of the city. All the big bill-boards and lights and the tiny cafe`s and the people all remind me of Bangalore. There’s just so much to explore in both the cities that living there for one lifetime is nearly not enough!

When we look at the finer details of the culture or the people, only then do we actually realise how different each city is. Bangalore has multi-lingual people and so does NYC but the languages spoken are 90% different from each other. So is the dressing, the transport, the food, the behaviour of the people and the city itself. And to mention the coastline.

This movie was an amazingly entertaining one. It had little adult concepts but, really, does it matter? It was funny in a satirical manner. Every single dialogue Boris speaks, every single action he performs—be it washing his hands for as long as it takes for him to sing “Happy Birthday” twice, or his peculiar manner of being honest on the face and and not ever be bothered by it—has a purpose. Every time he “performs”, it looks like it’s going to make to laugh till tears stream out of your eyes.

It is a must watch movie for high entertaining purposes!

I don’t think I want to change this in any way. I wrote this in 2015, and even though my writing has changed drastically, I don’t think I will change anything.

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Whisper of the Heart

I was initially going to write about Spirited away on the 27th April, in honour of its 15th Anniversary, but like always, my lazy bum just wouldn’t do it. Instead, I will write about Whisper of the Heart.

I’d written about the movie earlier but I wanted to write again because, like Shizuku and Seiji, I’ve grown up a little since the last time I saw and watching the movie in Japanese with English subtitles made me feel warmer and gooier since the last time (which was probably a week ago).

I can’t help but think how similar I am and could’ve been to Shizuku. I am way older than her (from the movie) but when I was her age, I was pretty…dumb. She had planned to read 20 books during the summer break and what did I do during the summer breaks?

Nada. Nothing. Which is why I don’t remember anything about my spent summers.

I keep wondering, what if I had read more? What if I took that one extra step away from home and went to a library? Would I have started writing earlier? Maybe I’d have better imagination? Maybe I’d be better than now? Maybe I’d—

Right now, only two things matter: That I am writing.

And that this movie is one of the best of Ghibli’s. And I need more of a back story and a good epilogue to go with the ending of the movie. And maybe a little bit from Seiji’s perspective.

Okay, so it’s not two things, but oh well.

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Weekend Coffee Share #13

First Weekend Coffee Share of the year!

Even though it is a Monday, I’d still like to put things down here. They make it seem very believable.

This week was spectacularly hectic. After the weak New Year’s day, I dreaded to go back to college because I had loads of unfinished assignments. And at one point, I didn’t know where I should start, so I sat and painted buttons, made a few postcards, to send and for our bookmarks/postcards stall at Nirvaan.

Nirvaan is St. Joseph’s annual fest, and guess what the theme is time?


(My city, Bengaluru).

I could not have been more thrilled. Here’s the poster for it.


Samudyatha, I and Shravan, with the help of DJ and Archana, thought of having a stall during the fest. But with the fest happening this Thursday and Friday, our products are no where near ready. So, we’re ditching the idea. Instead, I’m heading Funk From Junk and Creative Writing. Also, we’re getting t-shirts!!

On 5th Jan, Thursday, we all went to Truffles. After hearing “Truffles this”, “Truffles that,” the restaurant really kept up its name. I had Mexican Chicken with Rice. And I tasted shit loads of stuff, and practically had to lumber along the footpath to catch my bus. Every single thing that I ate was so, so delicious.

Picture credits: Smriti

Then, 6th Jan was Hayao Miyazaki’s birthday. In that honor, I wanted to watch one Ghibli movie, but unfortunately, I kept pushing it to the next day and the next, and ended up not watching it at all.

Saturday, I had plans.

I had two things in my list: Conference. And Kirik Party.

And one hell of an adventure it was.

The conference was held by Bangalore University, at the Jnana Jyothi Auditorium, the place where Japan Habba happened last year. I was so thrilled to go back because of all the memories that happened there.

But the conference ended so chaotically. The movie, Kirik Party, started at 6:45 PM. I thought, the conference would end at 5 PM, I would catch a bus to Majestic, then home, then go to the movie with Amma, Akka and Yoggy. But I left the auditorium at 6:30. Ran outside to catch an auto, and made it to the movie by 7:10 PM.

Thankfully, i didn’t decide to ditch the movie.

It. Was. Phenomenal.

I will be writing a post soon about the movie. Hopefully.

Sunday was even more hectic, and fun. I had a meeting with the Japan Habba committee, so Anita and I went. We had some Graphi.Inc business to with them 😀 and it was a pretty successful meeting.

After the meeting, I had a play to watch at Rangashankara, with Smriti and Arun. And it got late. Heartbroken, I sat down at the bookshop and read a whole Grapgic novel, The Tragical Comedy or the Comical Tragedy of Mr Punch. It is safe to say that this is one of the darkest and downright disturbing books that I’ve ever read, right alongside The Story of An eye. 

The lucky side of my day is, that I got to watch the last one-third of the play! It was called, Swaraajyadaata, based on the book by Gandhi, Hind Swaraj. More on this in another post too!

Then today, I only went to college to attend two meetings at the end of the day. Otherwise, I would’ve taken refuge in the warmth of bed.

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PuTa tirugisi noDi

I’d watched this movie way back during Meta-2016 and written this review for the competition. I hope you like it! Don’t miss the movie if you get the chance to watch it!

Puta Tirugisi Nodi is a 2016 Kannada film directed by Suneel R and stars Kailash TV, Adithi Kalkunte, Sharath Bhagavan, Sudha Belwadi in main roles.

The film revolves around Mohan (Kailash TV), a very talented cricket player who unfortunately couldn’t make it to the national team as an injury scars his life. It travels between the past and the present, getting small glimpses of his simple life. He’s never scored a century in his career and the film ends with him scoring one, thus, saying that life changes after every page; you just turn the page and see.

This film is set in Bengaluru and is very close to my heart. The language, the dialect, the slang, the areas and the conversations are something that I see on a daily basis but never in a film. This made my film watching experience very special and fun. My cheekbones and my stomach hurt by the time the film was over because I was smiling throughout the film and laughed at least half the time.

The story had little but fun plot. The parts of the cricket playing were amazing. The characters were lively and they could be picked out of any part of the city. The dialogues were perfect. It had just enough words to convey the message, with humongous amounts of light-hearted humor. The story wasn’t really much but the way it was portrayed was refreshing. The film had interviews of several people, who spoke about Mohan’s life as a child and his cricket career. There were lots of children in the film and each one of them acted brilliantly.

There is a love story in the background (sort of) and gains much importance when Nikhila’s (Adithi) mother (Sudha Belwadi) doesn’t approve of their marriage as Mohan is from Brahmin caste. This, along with the help of the conflict in him and with the people from the other ground, helps clear his head and Nikhila promises to try and convince her mother. It has been downplayed very much, with no unnecessary touchy-feely moments, and it was perfect. The love was very evident in both of their faces.

The music was beautiful. The songs were very meaningful and the background music spoke for itself. It was subtle and was only noticed in moments of absolute silence; in crucial moments like when Mohan picked himself up after falling during the match.

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The Cursed Flyover

Today, I watched U-Turn in the college auditorium with about, oh, I don’t know, another 500 people? Maybe 1000? I dunno. The thrill and exhilaration of watching a movie like this with people who mirror your own thoughts at every point is, just, needed.

That’s THE WAY to watch a movie.

I sat on the edge of the seat the entire time. The best part of this movie was how close it felt to me; if I’d watched this same movie in a multiplex or a theatre with my family or with people of my language, I wouldn’t feel it. This was because of two reasons:

  1. The flyover is one I see everyday. I never knew this story and I’m so glad such traffic problems are addressed like this. It reaches out to more people. Double-Road1.jpg!/

    Couldn’t find an aerial view picture. Watch the movie!


  2.  I was with at least 50% non-Kannadigas. I felt it was closer to me because it didn’t to others. The language, the city (my city) was portrayed really well. I learnt SO much about the Karnataka police today.

Also, I might have developed a new crush 😉

And I needed to watch this today. I would’ve succumbed to college life and got sucked by a black hole if it was not for this movie.

Science is great and gives you a living, but sometimes (many times), you need art to keep you alive.

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Ustaad Hotel

The first movie I watched under the banner of “Monday Movie Blind Dates” was Ustaad Hotel, and it was highly recommended by a good friend, Yeshas.

This is Yeshas’s review:

Well, what does it take to make a good ‘Indian’ movie?

A good story, love, humour, good music, bit of action and a variety of emotions added to it. Ustad hotel has it all, but that’s not it. Just like a delicious gourmet doesn’t need the right ingredients alone , what is even more important is to add them in the right proportion to balance the taste. Ustad hotel is a perfect example of one such ‘delicious’ movie.

Released in the year 2012, Ustad Hotel has won numerous accolades for music, acting, dialogues, acting, story and the movie as a whole; to mention a few it won the 2012 National Awards for Best Popular Film, Best Dialogues (Anjali Menon) and a special mention award for Tilakan.

The movie being a fusion of new talents and experienced veterans has a beautifully crafted script by Anjali Menon, working in her 2nd and unforgettable acting by Tilakan in his last movie. Dialogues and Gopi Sunder’s music keeps reverberating within for a long time. Director Anwar Rasheed and Anjali Menon’s scripts has worked wonders (Bangalore days being the duos next movie). Cinematography and art director deserves credits for giving a pleasing visual experience, the aroma of Karim ikka’s malabari biryani almost reached my nose!

The movie starts with Faizi’s father expecting a male child even before Faizi was born, Ustad hotel subtly addresses various issues – the desire for a son over a daughter , Faizi not being allowed to enter kitchen because he is a boy , the parental pressure to pursue a career according to their wish etc.

It(the movie) touches various relations, between a boy and a girl, father and a son and grandfather and grandson. Dulquer and Tilakan’s chemistry appears genuine and is wonderful. It seems as if none could have replaced Tilakan in Karim ikka’s role. Umar(Mamukkoya) deserves a special mention too, his comedy timing is excellent. All the actors gave brought life into their characters. Though the movie is mainly about food covering suleimani (added with love!) to Karim ikka’s biryani and oag cuisine to oysters, Ustad Hotel has more than just exotic food. Karim ikka not only teaches to cook but also teaches social responsibility, to take good care of his employees and also emphasises on the importance of traveling.

The climax is touching, it definitely leaves any human moved, showing the invaluable importance of food and the love attached to it. The movie made me laugh, smile, drool and also filled my eyes.

As Karim ikka says “Anyone can fill anyone’s stomach but those who eat must be mentally satisfied too,” Ustad hotel satisfies the mind too!

This is my review of the movie.

Ustaad Hotel, a 2012 Malayalam movie is a movie of dreams.

A very typical Indian movie, with romance and stereotypic families, Faizi, our protagonist, is here to break the stereotype that “Men shouldn’t cook” and following his grandfather’s footsteps, much to his business minded father’s dismay.

As a mother less child, Faizi is raised by his four older sister’s in Dubai, often voluntarily helping them in cooking. But his father is angered by the actions of his sole heir to his wealth.

But, never fear. Faizi is as smart as this generation comes. He goes away to Switzerland to study “Hotel Management” but returns as a trained chef, which humiliates his father in front of their community and Faizi leaves. He ends up in the care of his grandfather, Kareem Ikka, who owns a hotel, Ustaad hotel, near the beach of Calicut. And this is where Faizi learns how to cook and why he should cook.

The movie has been shot in a way that reaches out to you and you involuntarily fall in love. You fall in love with food, with life and you get inspired by life and get highly motivated. It never demands attention, but you end up paying attention anyway.

The portrayal of food in the movie is it’s highlight. The Suleiman tea, or the famous Malabar biryani, Faizi’s look of amazement and his character development is a treat to the eyes.

This movie is for food lovers and it is a movie filled with life, family and the desire cook good food and love people for all that they’re worth.