Weekend Coffee Share #16

The last Weekend Coffee Share I put was in May. May. I haven’t been all that busy but the thing is that, I don’t realize the importance of time when I’m this free. I just loiter away time doing mindless things like play Super Mario or Solitaire, when I could study the present course (Gender and Sexuality), study Indian Polity or even Japanese. But nooo.

Instead, I wake up at 10, eat breakfast, sit and do nothing till 2, when I have to have lunch and leave for class at 4 in Rajajinagar. The only good thing about Rajajinagar is how I’ve discovered this fabulous place which sells flavoured tea. I’ve had two so far, Mango and chocolate, and there are so many more types! After I have had all of them, I plan on writing an elaborate post. Hopefully, next weekend will be it.

I come home at around 7 in the evening. I finish my work for the day (newspaper notes and whatnot) and then after dinner, I watch something. My ongoing K-drama currently is She Was Pretty, recommended to me by the lovely Parvathi (who is currently in another city from me and having a good college life) and I only have 5 more episodes to finish. I’m freaking loving it.

Then the cycle starts all over again.

Yesterday was Ganesha Chaturthi, and it was quite low-key for us this year, because not too many people came to visit our house.

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-26 at 15.05.37.jpeg

The tradition is that we keep an idol of Ganesha, preferably made from clay, and we perform a puja for it. at the end of the day, or end of three days, or however long you want to keep it, we submerge it in a body of water. The story is that Ganesha goes back home to his mother after you’ve had him in your house as a guest.

And this year, there have been so many new types of Ganesha, in the name of creating awareness and lake clean up, including a charcoal Ganesha and seed-ball Ganesha. Pappa was skeptical about them, so went with our good old fashioned, clay Ganesha, with no paint. We’d been buying from this called Raghu for years now, and each year, the idols are as beautiful as ever.

I have no idea what I did for the past few months, especially June and July. I had something to do starting August, but otherwise, nothing. I had decided to make postcards for the Bookstagram community, but I’m failing miserably to do so. I did make a few cards, however, for the Postcrossing Society of India, and they’ve loved it. I met with some of them last Saturday, and I had fun! There are loads of opportunities for printing my designs. I don’t think I can print them, at any rate, but let’s see. I’m open to options.

Let’s see, what else?

I had met up with a few friends on my friend Salka’s birthday. And after that, on Independence day, Smriti left for Wageningen, the Netherlands, for her higher studies. Prince sent me a postcard with a cryptogram message, which I have to crack now, for which I have less than 0% ability. Let’s see. He sent me an easy one, apparently, so I shall try it soon.


Too much excitement to take a solid picture. 


The only good thing to come out of August was my weekly planning layouts. I started with a theme and developed on it. August was all grey and black, because of the monsoons. It has rained almost every night for the past two weeks. I also started a Daily Writing Planner, where I write everyday, 500 words. It went great for a few days, and I stuck to the routine, but then it fell away unceremoniously.

My best friend from school has started her masters after securing 1st rank in her final year!! I’m going to see her so much lesser. And Sam is also starting her masters in Conservation Future from September 4th. They are all growing up and I’m still here. Hopefully not for long.

August, September, and October call for a lot of festivals, so Akka has been home a lot. I’m happy that she is because I’ve missed her. On the 22nd of August, it was Howie D’s (of the Backstreet Boys) birthday, and usually, VH1 hosts a show playing all the music videos of the band. They do this for most singer/band member’s birthday, and this time, I’m glad I saw it early. I watched it with Amma, who, well, kept making fun of the videos, but I sang it out loud all alone. It was quite sad, because my sister is my singing partner, especially when it comes to the Backstreet Boys. God knows how it’ll be when I move away to study or when she gets married. She doesn’t want me to go, but I need to. For me.

I was also trying to make her jealous. She was stuck in her office, bored out of her head, and I sat all by myself and sang the Backstreet Boys’ songs.

My Japanese learning is going quite badly. I had been too distracted to study for a while, and I’m trying to get back on track. It’s not very hard, but I need proper dedication for it. Which I lack, at the moment.

Before this “break” started, I had so many plans, and I haven’t followed a single one of them. And I sort of like where this year is going. Also sort of not. I’m just becoming a lazier bug, and nobody can help that but me.


Weekend Coffee Share #10 (!!)

First of all, look at that header.

Yesterday afternoon, I was trying to do something like that on Adobe Photoshop and I got stuck because, well, I don’t know how Photoshop works. So I texted Prince, asking him to help me out and guide me through it. That brilliant and thoughtful boy hooked me up with TeamViewer (which I didn’t know existed) and I was shocked. Utterly, unbelievably at a loss for words. After I got over my initial shock, we kept texting back and forth, him asking me what I wanted and me telling him that. He did most of the work for me. I only positioned the text and sized it all to my liking. I learnt a lot in the process and ended up having more fun than I ever thought I would.

I know I didn’t do this by myself, never thought I would, but I’m incredibly proud of it. Look forward to more of such design stuff in the future on all my blogs!

I went to the GPO (General Post Office, near Vidhana Soudha) sometime last week, via the Bangalore Metro, and I fell in love. There was a post shoppe, or something like that, where they had souvenirs, which included postcards. I grabbed 2 different packs of Heritage of Bangalore and one pack of Mysore. They’re all black and white photos, taken a really long time ago. They’re really beautiful and I’m sending along three of them (two Mysore and one Bangalore; too possessive about my city) to three different countries.

The second postcard on the left photo is a painting.

I also made two postcards, spent ages trying to change my style but with little positive results. I’m happy with them, though!


The travel via metro was phenomenal. Somehow, even though the technology was top notch, I still felt it was Bangalorean through and through. Call me crazy, but the whole atmosphere underground told me otherwise.

Since there’s a lot of Diwali sale happening online, my mother, who didn’t oppose one bit, bought me the entire Mortal Instruments Series. I got it yesterday, and I’m immensely happy! I bought a total of 12 books this month. Until next year then, book shopping!


I was on the phone with my two best girls yesterday (Messenger calls) and we spoke for two hours. I don’t remember what we spoke about, but since we hadn’t seen each other in the last few months, we obviously had a lot of catching up to do. It was one of the best nights ever.

This was my week, spent in juggling studies, lots of happiness, little exploration of the city, trying not to worry about my hairfall and a lot of art.

How was yours?


Weekend Coffee Share #7

The last post I put up was 16 days ago.

This is one of the longest hiatus that I’ve ever taken during college and to say that I was miserable throughout it will be a little bit of an understatement.

I wouldn’t have blogged today if I wasn’t blessed with a holiday tomorrow as there is a public bus strike.

No buses+poor students= no travelling to college.

Third year is so hectic that all of just want to drop everything for a whole day and do all that makes us happy.

But noooo.

We have assignments, we have tests, we have a term paper due at the end of August, we have records to complete, and we have the biggest headache of all: Dissertation.


Enough of rants.

The next two weeks are going to be so much fun! It’s my last year at college, which means last year as a student for Pratibha (Joseph’s inter-class cultural fest) and Metonym (Inter-class literary fest, small scale Meta). I’m taking pat in every possible event and I shall make the best use of this year and live every moment of it.

I’ve been squeezing in time to make postcards for a few friends last week and I sent them all on Tuesday! They’ve all received it and they’re so happy 🙂 I makes me so happy!

I haven’t been reading much but I am reading J R Rogue’s Tell Me Where It Hurts that I got for an ARC. And my, my, that woman can write. I am very excited to write a review for her.


My book blog is just so devoid of posts since June. No wonder I haven’t been accepted by publishers from NetGalley.

And this post is written by your truly, also the Assistant Secretary of Graphic.Inc! Very excited to be a part this year again!



I hate not blogging.

Even though it’s been only two days since my last post, it feels forever. I didn’t want to post today, but felt that it would too long a gap so I decided to write about my latest venture that’s keeping me busy.

There’s a website called PostCrossing, where, if you’re into writing letters and postcards and stuff, you get to send post cards to randomly chosen people from some corner of the world.

I think it is brilliant. The first person I got is from Russia and her postcard will be leaving tomorrow. I made it with so much love :’)

I’ve made several other postcards for other reasons and they’ve come out awesome.

My post crossing journey begins here.

(Forgive me for the bad photo quality!)