Whatever Works

This is movie #1 that we watches in the Bangalore Special Course. The aim of watching these movies is to try and understand the concept of the city in a metaphorical sense.

Whatever Works is a Woody Allen movie set in New York. It is about a man named Boris, who’s into his late 70’s and talks about his life in New York and one day, BOOM! There’s a girl underneath his house stairs and his life changes drastically.

Boris is a physicist and has been divorced for quite some time now. He has high intellect and when Melodie, the 21-year-old-girl who’s really simple minded  lands up on Boris’s couch, he can’t take in her stupidity. After a while, he marries her. And then a whole lot of things happen and what I’m really interested in is the showcasing of the city in the movie.

NYC is kind of similar to Bangalore, in terms of richness of culture and the vast variety of people. It is a lot more cleaner than Bangalore but has lesser green coverage, from what I could see. It had world famous landmarks, like the Statue Of Liberty, which is one of the most distinguished characters of the city. All the big bill-boards and lights and the tiny cafe`s and the people all remind me of Bangalore. There’s just so much to explore in both the cities that living there for one lifetime is nearly not enough!

When we look at the finer details of the culture or the people, only then do we actually realise how different each city is. Bangalore has multi-lingual people and so does NYC but the languages spoken are 90% different from each other. So is the dressing, the transport, the food, the behaviour of the people and the city itself. And to mention the coastline.

This movie was an amazingly entertaining one. It had little adult concepts but, really, does it matter? It was funny in a satirical manner. Every single dialogue Boris speaks, every single action he performs—be it washing his hands for as long as it takes for him to sing “Happy Birthday” twice, or his peculiar manner of being honest on the face and and not ever be bothered by it—has a purpose. Every time he “performs”, it looks like it’s going to make to laugh till tears stream out of your eyes.

It is a must watch movie for high entertaining purposes!

I don’t think I want to change this in any way. I wrote this in 2015, and even though my writing has changed drastically, I don’t think I will change anything.


Meta 2017

Last year, I sort of reflected back on what I did at Meta that year, and what I leaned and how much I learned and all that. I sort of did it during this Weekend Coffee Share but i wasn’t completely satisfied with it because I had news to share.

But before that.

I think I gained a lot more confidence in my art, even if it did dampen a little right before the setting up of our stall. I gained hella lot of experience in marketing. And I had so much fun.

On the last day of Meta, I was invited to their closing ceremony, which started at 6;30 in the evening and ended at 8:30 in the night. I asked my sister to pick me up that night. But I am immensely glad that I stayed because not only did I get to take my prizes in front of a lot of people, but I also got to witness “Mani on My Mind”, a thank you program by the 3rd EJP students to Arul Mani sir. It made my day.

And yes, I won second place in Children’s Fiction and a special mention in Blackout Poetry! It was such an amazing day after that sad Friday.


The Little Things

The Little Things

There’s a digital artist and illustrator by name Pascal Campion who makes brilliant sketches of daily life and sometimes, as a bonus, adds little dialogue to it, to make the scene more realistic.

What’s important to me is how these simple little daily moments can bring about emotion in me. Enjoying in the rain, the beach, with a beloved, with your children, with kids, with pets, solitary moments, they all are so much more meaningful. It’s not just his art style; it’s his subject and its ability to reach out to our souls.

Each time I see his sketches, my heart feels. My heart swells with happiness by looking a father being proud of his son, a mother feeding her child, two little duckies playing in the rain (my absolute favourite!); my heart aches when I see sketches of couple because they have so much love written all over that it is damn near impossible to find someone who looks at you like that; I squeal when there are animals involved; I clap when there’s a little story included.

Pascal helped me realize one thing: it’s the little things that matter. The little things that made you cry; that made you smile; that made you look tenderly into someone’s eyes; all of it will end up being the best memories of one’s lives. You may soon forget about them, but these moments are the ones that make you feel that thing called “emotion” hidden deep inside your heart, and you can never forget how it made you feel.

2015 in review

I like WordPress! Thank you guys!

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,100 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 18 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Why I went AWOL for a week

Yes, I was missing for a week. I was juggling college and making Christmas cards right after college and that left me nearly no time to blog.

My “hobby”, or rather fetish for making Christmas cards started with my favourite English teacher in school, who was the first Christian that I’d ever come across. I’d make her a Holly Hangar, which is basically a square piece of white card and drawn on it was a couple of Holly leaves on one side and “Merry Christmas on the other, and tied with a ribbon so it could be hanged anywhere. From then on, I made her a card every year, even after I got out of school. So I went to give her her card yesterday, after finishing a Christmas program in college, but she’d left early that day. It was an amazing afternoon, though!

This year, I made a total of 22 Christmas cards and two birthday cards and a hanging card. I sent one card to USA and one to Delhi. I was also a part of exchanging books with complete strangers and I had so much fun making bookmarks and writing letters for them!

It was a crazy mission! I went to Itsy Bitsy early December and I was overjoyed when I saw pre-cut cards and matching/corresponding envelopes. I bought a total of 26 cards or so. I still have one or two left. The colours were just brilliant! My dad and i spent about an hour there, finding the cheapest things, the cutest stickers, and most colourful glitter powders. I bought ocean coloured satin ribbons, which just ROCKS. I bought a lot of stickers, none of which I used.

I first cards I made was to send through the post: One to the USA and another to Delhi.


(The photo quality is very bad.)

I took two whole weeks, coming home every evening and doing the cards in the midst of a fest and Pet Show. I’m just so happy that I made them 🙂

And Sammy, gurl! I couldn’t do this without you!



A Fly On The Wall

If you could be a “fly on the wall” at any time in history, where and when would you choose?

I would want to go back to 1988, to Mysore, when my parents got married. For my sister and me, their marriage is complete mystery.

If my parents were like how they are right now, I wonder how they fell in love. I wonder where they met, and how “it” happened. It’s too embarrassing to ask them, so I’d rather be the fly on the wall during their time!

Happy 27th Wedding Anniversary!!

A new weekly feature

I was thinking about this for a while now. Even though I haven’t got much of a particular talent, I do have an eye for a person who is good at it.

So I decided to start my own show casing of talents! It’s called Tuesday is Talent Day! and every Tuesday, I will show case the talent of one person. I will also personally interview them, ask them deep stuff, get to know better and bring joy to the world!

If you want to be a part of Tuesday is Talent Day! and show case your talents —it could be any form of the arts, sketching, painting, drawing, doodling, graphic designing, singing, dancing, fashion designing, writing, you name it!— just contact me here!

Also, if anyone is interested in creating a logo and a picture-sort-of-thing as a header to represent this, please feel free to contact me! (And I’m desperate :D)

Plot twist: This is just one big super plot to make friends with some amazing people!

Problems Problems. Who Hasn’t Got them?

Life is a series of events. Some are eventful, some are uneventful; some can be unforgettable and others are unfortunate. What keeps us on? What keeps us from not giving up on life and saying it, “Screw you, Life! I deserve a better one!” and then just. . . disappear?

Of course everyone had problems. Like I always say, there’s a beautiful Kannada saying and the translation goes like this ;’An ant has its own problems and an elephant has its own problems.’ Never try to judge people on the spot because you will have NO idea what they’re going through.

What I don’t get about certain people is how they publicize their problems. They whine, groan, telling how their life could be better with whatever they want. Well, guess what? Life doesn’t works that way! You want something? Earn it! Deserve it! Then maybe, you’ll get what you want.

That doesn’t mean you can’t be happy. Finding true happiness is the ultimate task of humanity. Or so I believe.

La Corda D’oro Primo Passo

One of my earliest anime was La Corda D’oro Primo Passo. It revolves around a high school girl named Kahoko Hino through her magical, musical journey in a competition and her undeniable attraction towards her competitors. There are five guys and a girl, and she has had a heart-stopping moment with each one of the guys. I wish I had some of them, too. Here are my rankings of the guys:

5. Yunoki Azuma


He is a narcissistic asshole. He obviously has major issues with Kahoko, and harassing her only makes him feel that much more superior. As a child, I really admired him. But now I realize his actions bordered on harassment. His hair is probably the only best feature he has, unlike his best friend Kazuki Hihara, who is just amazing.

He has two sides: one that’s sweet and charming to the world outside, and one he shows to Kahoko. ANd 90% of the time spent alone with Kahoko, he was being a jerk. And she goes weak in the knees when he says stuff like, “You sure are cute,” and I hate her for that.

But, damn, his flute playing is enchanting!

4. Len Tsukimori


This is what I call a Love-hate relationship. Len is a child prodigy in violin. So when Kahoko comes with a magical violin, claiming to be able to play it, I guess it made him feel threatened. But after listening to her play, he mostly guided her and make her play better on her own. He was pretty stern, and during that course of time, his feelings for her developed.

I guess he’s okay. Sometimes he was jerk, but that was only because he wanted her to get better.

3. Keiichi Shimizu


This cutie pie plays the cello and is so damn good at it! His piece at the Final Selection was amazing!

Keiichi isn’t exactly attracted to Kahoko. She’s more like the inspiration he always needed. I find that really sweet.

2. Tsuchiura Ryoutarou


Him and her are in the General Department of the school, where as the rest of them are from the Music Department. The above scene is when she learns that Ryotarou was a really good pianist. He tells her not to tall anyone. Like that.

Ryoutarou accompanies her in the first selection after Kahoko’s accompanist leaves her. He is really caring towards her, even though stern. He’s saved her a lot of times from falling. Him and Len are rivals. They hate each other and always try to best each other in their own instruments and for me, it seems that they are also competing to win kahoko’s heart. Just sayin’.

1. Kazuki Hihara

 hqdefault (1)

 Where do I begin with this one?! Kazuki Hihara is best friends with Azuma and they are total opposites. Where Azuma is all about style and elegance and his purple, waist-length hair, Kazuki is an outgoing, cheerful, athletic, fun guy. He’s the person you want to be around all the time! He plays the trumpet, which suits him perfectly, as the sounds of a trumpet is loud, yet never noisy and it can touch hearts with its melody. He also gave up athletics to play the trumpet. How cool is that?

I love the boyishness of Kazuki. He never, ever buttons his shirt. He is such an outgoing person that you’ll fall in love with him without even realizing it. And when he says stuff like, ‘It sounds better when i play it with you”, come on, that’s the best pick up line ever.

Broke My Promise!

When I said I’d post everyday, I was actually confident that I could do it. Sadly, exams are nearby, and I won’t be able to post as much.


I am joining the NaJoWriMo (National Journal Writing Month) in which, they provide me with prompts everyday, and I can either put them up on an online port or I can write it down on paper. I think I’ll stick to WordPress. As and when I can.

Hopefully, I’ll do this successfully!