Open Letters

I love writing letters. Ever since I found out that you don’t need to have pen pals to write letters to, that is writing open letters to the world, I’ve been hooked. I’ve been writing letters to my best friend, Sunny on this wonderful website called Lettrs, and you can read them all here.

Here are some of them on my blog:

  1. Dear Magnus Bane
  2. Encouragement
  3. Fast forward
  4. Back in time

And a new feature, Open Letter Fridays, will start from this Friday! I will write letters to people, things, animals and whatnot. If you have an idea, please do let me know!

Here is the list of all the letters I’ve written so far for Open Letter Fridays, from newest to oldest.

  1. Open Letter Fridays: To all the writers who are shy
  2. Open Letter Fridays: To my Ex Best Friend
  3. To all those who spit on the roads
  4. To a Personality trait that needs to be kept in check
  5. To Bengaluru’s Mood Swings
  6. To My Recent Favourite Book

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