Tuesday Is Talent Day!

Are you an artist? Do you sing or dance? Are you a budding writer? Do you want a platform for your talent to be showcased? You have come to the right place!

Find the post on Tuesday is Talent Day! here!

I am also looking for someone who can design a logo and a header image for me! They will be a permanent part of this team, as will the talented people.

Feel free to email me: pari617@hotmail.com

Or you can always call or text or Whatsapp me: +91 9945984454

Thank you!

Here’s what’s happened so far! (from latest to oldest)

  1. Discovery By Chance- Sanas Shukoor
  2. No Such Thing As Bad Photography- Vineeth Jason
  3. Modesty, Bashfulness and Hair- Abhishek Daniel Phillip
  4. Why I started Tuesday Is Talent Day!
  5. An Inspiration is All You Need- Dibyajyothi Dasgoopta
  6. Her Magic Wand- Shree Nithya
  7. The Story Of An Amatog- Clifford Prince
  8. Are You Kidding Me?!
  9. Doodling Aimlessly Will Create Masterpieces- Archana V
  10. Viewing the World Through That Little Viewfinder- Arun B George
  11. A Sketcher Who Thinks She’s a Beginner- Vaishnavi