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Not Just a Kids’ Show

My mother had missed the final episode of a show on Friday, and was asking me to find it for her. So I downloaded the Voot App and showed her how to use it.

It turned out that I couldn’t find the show for her. Instead, I noticed the Kids’ section and went over to see what show I should hate-watch. Then I saw Pokemon.

Pokemon was most 90’s kids’ childhood. Including mine. While some of them played the game, other unfortunate beings (like me) watched the show and dreamed to be a Pokemon Master. It was during 5 O’clock Prime Time on Cartoon Network that I got prepped on the divan of my living room with a plate of biscuits, ready to go on an adventure with Ash and the Gang.

At one point as a child, I was going through what I now call “friendship Crisis”, where everyone was friendly and nice and loved me and I had problems with everyone. So who were my friends then (barring Sunny and the Gang, of course)? Ash, Misty and  Brock. I idolized them and theirs was the epitome of friendship. Still are. Who cared they were fictional? The feelings and the laughter were so real.

I had made a PowerPoint Presentation supporting my claim of Ash, Misty and Brock being the epitome of friendship, and how one should be. I pointed out case studies and troubled times when they stayed as friends. I was browsing for some pictures one day, and I came across some picture of Ash and Misty, with hearts in the background. I was shocked. Imagine my fury when they didn’t stay friends. Later on, I grew up (a little) and shipped them both (still do). Now that I think about it, it seems pretty stupid. But nonetheless, my writing improved, so there’s that plus to my unhealthy Pokemon obsession.

The anime was so much more than just a kids’ show for entertainment. It was a refuge for lonely, friendless kids like me. I wonder how many lives have changed.



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